Friday, March 30, 2012

If This Is What We've Got, Then What We've Got Is Gold.

yes. If you see me posting a music video that means I have nothing else better to do.

Not a really big fan of James Blunt, but i've got to give it to him on this song, liked it since the very first time I heard this :)

SO! liburan term break gue sebentar lagi berakhir dan....datanglah practical exam.

TAKUT BGT SIH sejujurnya, and I'm still working on my reading habit yang sudah mulai memudar, tp I'm borrowing a book jd harus selesai secepatnya! It's a book made by one of the BI teachers in Binus Serpong btw. A Bahasa novel, but my friends say it's nice.

MAYBE, I'll catch on to you soon. BYE! :)

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Dinda Nayaredhanty said...

hey Rana! I've changed my blog url, better update your blog soon hehe :*