Saturday, April 6, 2013


Here's to you, for reading my blog. And for me, just for the sake of my happiness.

I think I've come to the point of realization in which reality hits hard in the face.

I'm just tired of the world and how it works, like seriously.

But enough of that.

I am thinking about expressing something I haven't been able to.. or not.

Yet I always ask myself a way to let people know without telling them. (ehem)


As I am now in my last year of high school, I will soon come to face the unanimous exam for graduation, the National Exam. Given that my school's curriculum is cambridge and all; I am not sure I am up for this.

And I've just finished my 2-weeks-20-papers-crazy of the (in)famous Cambridge International Exam. Like really, how do you expect me to learn national curriculum in 2 weeks??

Cause I ain't any genius alien or some sort. I wished. I'm a human being with a human brain and capacity and humanely trying to get a hang of all of this.

However, time isn't going to wait.

Just hoping for the best, to be fully prepared for the long (not) awaited exam which will mark my last and final exam in school, on the 15th of April. (sorry A levels examinees :p)

So I guess we're in that phase of life where time really counts, and flies. No matter how hard I try to believe this, I just can't. I feel like I've just gotten into primary school :")

But we can't back out. Not now, not ever. 

Let's just make the best of the school time that we have left (it's more of a hope).

Wish Indonesian 12th Graders the best of luck they can get! ( re: especially me :) )


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